Window Cleaning

smc working on window cleaning

We are in the business of providing very detailed and thorough window cleaning in London, Ontario. Offering both exterior and interior window cleaning services, our technicians focus on cleaning the window panes, frames, screens, mechanism, tracks, and we also lubricate the tracks to provide a smoother window operation.

No only do we meticulously clean each part of your window,  we also treat them with a rain repellent solution to help maintain your clean windows for a longer time. 


Are You Selling your Home?

Having professionally cleaned windows actually can get you a substantial return on your investment. In fact, a survey of real estate agents published in Money magazine found that of all of the different changes you could make to a home going up for sale — from repairing electrical or plumbing issues to updating the kitchen — and cleaning the windows actually gave you the best ROI. 

500 %
Return on your investment when you clean your windows while selling

How much? They estimated you would make a 768% return on your investment. That means for every $100 you spend on window cleaning, real estate agents estimate you’ll increase your home’s selling price by $768.00. Imagine if the stock market were that much of a sure thing?